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Chystáš se na turanj do zahraničí a potřebuje pomoct zařídit letenky, ubytování, a víza? Zařídím všechny potřebné věci k tomu, aby hráč mohl odvádět maximální prác na tréninku a nemusel se stresovat plánováním okolností.

Jestliže chceš hrát ligu v Německu či Francii neváhej mě kontaktovat a já zprostředkuju veškeré potřebné veci.

Chtěl/a bys hrát univerzitní tenis v USA ale nemáš žádné kontakty ani nevíš jak udělat první krok? Neváhej mě kontaktovat protože s přípravou na vysokou školu v usa je nezbytné začít včas.

Je ti 12-18 let? Chceš se zdokonalit v anglickém jazyce a vyzkoušet si jaká je úroveň tenisu v USA? Přijeď do Weil Tennis Academy v Kalifornském městečku Ojai a získej skvělé zkušenosti

Magdaléna Smějová

I have never even thought that I could go study and play tennis in the USA. I have never thought about it at all. When I was 18, I studied university in the Czech republic, and I still wanted to play tennis. But it was very complicated to study and play tennis. I didn’t have time to practice and also most of the girl in my age just stopped to play tennis so I also didn’t have many people to hit with.

Then I heard about college tennis in USA. So I decided to try it out to study and play tennis for university team. I was accepted to Hawaii Pacific University. First of all I decided that I will go there for only 1 semester and after that I will go back to Czech. But…

… College tennis in the USA is amazing and incredible experience! I got eligibility for 3 years, so I stood for entire 3 years. I have never regretted this experience.

First semester was really challenging. Everything was different – language, school, tennis, culture, weather, time difference…
First, I got off the plane and I didn’t know what to do. My coach picked me up at the airport and then I realized that I am somewhere at the island which is more then 12, 000 kilometer from Czech and I am here alone. I didn’t know anybody there, and I barely spoke English.
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At the beginning are couple hurdles which I had to accomplish to make sure I can do well. First challenge is language – everybody speaks fast with different dialect, so it’s very hard to catch all words at the begging. Tennis practices were very different too. Tennis is individual sport but suddenly, it turns to be a collective sport because I played for team. I was part of university team. Instead of individual practices we practiced in-group. Instead of being quiet and focusing only on my match, and myself I had to be loud, screaming and yelling to support my teammates. School is very different to compare to school in Czech. In America universities has kind similar system as high school in Czech. I had to prepare from class to class. I would say that school in US is easier then in Czech but at the beginning there is a big obstacle and that’s language.
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But it all turns around to positive way very quickly. Because we had very international team (girls were from Germany, Ukraine, Columbia, America, Australia) we all support each other and become very good, close friends. I also found a lot of new friend at school. All of them were from different countries so I got to know a lot of cultural habits, traditions and behaviors from many countries around the world. For example, my Chinese friends taught me how to eat Chinese food with chopsticks. I tried Japanese, Korean, Chinese, American cuisine and so on.
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In the morning we had team practices for about two hours and then I had 4 classes per semester. So my typical day was to start day with practice from 7:00 to 9:00 am and then I went to school. We also had fitness twice per week. After school I always had to prepare for next school day so I had to do homework every evening. School provides tutoring, so my English skills improved very quickly too.
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During spring semester, the biggest fun comes when tennis season is on. Our team had line up of about 7 to 8 girls. Each college match is played with 3 doubles and 6 singles. The college match always starts with 3 doubles (pro-set up to 8 games) followed by 6 singles (2 sets up to 6 games). Because we lived at Hawaii we travelled a lot and I visited a lot of American’ states. Only in season of 2013-2014 we visited 7 states, 9 cities, 3 islands, we boarded planes for 18 times and traveled in airplanes more then 36,000 miles. We visited California, Arizona, Nevada, Kentucky, Florida, New York, and Texas. It was amazing how many states we travelled to and what we could see there. Our coach was very supportive and she always got us chance to do some sight seen tour, or do some stuff at the cities.
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But college life is not only about tennis and school. During the weekends we always went to do some fun stuff, such was barbecue at the beach, hiking or exploring Hawaiian Islands.
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It was very great time in my life! I gained so many experiences. I am very thankful for this opportunity. Now, I have friends all around the word. I learnt so much not only at school, but I learnt about life. I become independent and responsible person. It’s great opportunity.